Valentines Day ready

Cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft, Tank: Nordstrom, Pants: Ruche- sold out (similar here & here), 
Shoes: Gianni Bini- Old (similar here), Necklace: TJ Maxx

Lately my wardrobe consists mostly of leggings and flats, a far cry from sequin pants and heels. I have always been a wear-heels-everyday kind of girl so my new life of being a stay at home mom is taking some getting used to. Sadly it is no longer practical to wear the things I once did. So whenever there is a special occasion, I jump at the chance to go all out. Valentines day is just such an occasion and what better way to celebrate love than with some pink sequin pants? Like I said before, J and I don't really make a big deal out of this holiday, but you can be sure I will be dressed in these sparkly beauties no matter what we do. I could not resist them and I think every girl should own a pair. 

Valentines Day Wish List

I put together a little wish list of some things I am wishing for at the moment. J and I never really go all out for Valentines Day. He is not a fan of the holiday (is any man really?). I usually drop a few hints of small things I want and most years he delivers. 

So here are my hints for this year ;-). 

Valentines Day is a week away. Just enough time to place a last minute order online. 

Product Discovery- Naturopathica

Naturopathica- Oat Cleansing Polish

I recently discovered a skin care line called Naturopathica. Because I have terrible skin, I am always looking for good products. When I discovered this company, I decided to give it a try. There are several things I want to test but I choose to start with their Oat Cleansing polish.  I absolutely loved it! My skin has not felt this soft in a very long time. I promptly threw out my old face wash and now it is all I use. It seriously made my skin so smooth and best of all it did not make me break out (which is pretty much a miracle in my world). Next on my list to try is the Lavender Honey Balancing Mist. Things from this company are a little pricey but in my opinion well worth the price based on the results I got. I just wanted to pass this discovery along. Hope you like it as much as I do!  

**This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

My Super Bowl attire sans jersey

Jacket: J.Crew (on sale in stores), Shirt: Madewell, Skirt: Madewell, Hat: J.Crew (on Sale in stores), 
Shoes: H&M, Bracelet: J.Crew

Since I'm not really a sporty kind of girl, this is my version of a super bowl outfit. Who needs a jersey when you can just as easily sport your colors with a little Madewell and J.Crew. Truth be told, I am actually not much of a football fan either but I do like the Broncos (much to my husbands chagrin- he is a Cowboys fan) so I figured I had better find a way to represent. So there you have it, my Broncos attire for tomorrows game, most of which I probably won't even watch! Regardless, it's still fun to have a party and celebrate such a deep rooted American tradition. I love the togetherness any kind of tradition brings and of course I love the food. 

Hope you all have a great game day. 

To those of you who take football seriously, may the odds be ever in your favor ;-). 

Baby's first haircut

We went to Denver after Christmas to visit my family and while we were there, baby got his very first haircut. I never thought at 4 months old my boy would be ready for a haircut but as I was tucking his long hair behind his ear for the hundredth time, I decided it was time. My mom is a hairstylist and so she did the honors. At first he was fine with it. He sat there happily on dad's lap while grandma snipped away at his perfect little baby hairs. But after a while he started to realize that something was happening to him and promptly decided that he did not like it one bit. In the end, he ended up with a sweet little haircut that made him look more like a little man than a tiny baby. My heart broke a little when she was finished and I saw how cute he looked but also because it meant that he is growing. And growing fast. This is the beginning of many "firsts" that are only going to serve as painful reminders that time is flying by.  

And this would be the moment he realizes something is happening to him.  

And this is the moment he decided that he hates the something that is happening to him.


Cardigan: TJ Maxx-mens dept. (Similar here & here), Jeans: Vigoss, Boots: DV by Dolce Vita- old (Similar here and here) , Earrings: Banana Republic

I am so on board with the camo trend. I love it. My husband who hunts, therefore has a legitimate reason to wear camo, thinks it's absolutely ridiculous.  He doesn't always understand the latest trends and so on a recent trip to Sportsman's Warehouse (a hunting/camping type of store for those of you who are lucky enough to never have to shop there) he tried to pick out some camo for me knowing that I am into it right now. At which point I tried to explain to him that fashion camo is different from actual hunting camo and that in fact, actual hunting camo is quite ugly. Cue the eye roll. Needless to say, this solidified his opinion on the whole camo trend. But I still love it and plan on embracing it while it's hot. 

I found this sweater in the mens department at TJ Maxx. Since this is not a gender specific trend, try looking in the mens or boys department if you are going for an oversized look. That's where I spotted this cardigan and I had not been having any luck finding something similar in the women's department so I bought it in a size small and it works perfect!

Happy Monday everyone!

Goodbye holiday sweaters

Sweater: J.Crew, Shirt: Old Navy, Cords: H&M- old (similar here and here), Boots: Hunter, Necklace: J.Crew
Earrings: Banana Republic

I think one of my favorite things about the holiday season is the sweaters. I love a good sweater. The more cliche the better. Give me reindeers, snowflakes and fair isle all day long. I know the holidays are over and I need to move on but technically it's still winter so I think it's appropriate to squeeze in a few more wears out of this little gem I picked up at J.Crew. How could you not love a little skier made of wool?

Seriously though, now is the time to stock up on some great knitwear for next year. Here are a few on sale, that I am loving for next year. 

Jack Wills - hereherehere

J.Crew -here & here

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